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1840 Development of the first steam–powered traction engine in England for work in the fields, power output from 5 to 20 hp
1885 Nikolaus August Otto invents the four–stroke petrol engine
1889 Development of the first tractor using an Otto motor drive propulsion system by John Carter from Illinois, USA – regarded as the prototype of all subsequent tractors
The Hart–Parr company in Charles City, Iowa, begins to manufacture tractors under industrial conditions
Hart–Parr 12/24 E
Hart–Parr 12/24 E
1908 The Holt company (USA) begins production of its “Caterpillar” series of caterpillar track tractors
The first lightweight tractors are ready for marketing: the “Mogul” (8 – 16 hp) and the “Titan” (10 – 20 hp) from International Harvester, USA
International Harvester Mogul
1917 Minneapolis–Moline builds the first “Twin City 16/30” with electric starter motor and headlights
1918 85,000 tractors are working on the fields of the United States; start of mass tractor production by Ford (Fordson Model F)
1923 Start of production of the “Waterloo Boy Model D”, which continues to be built successfully for 40 years
The Lanz company from Mannheim introduces the “Bulldog HL” field tractor with its hot–bulb engine onto the market
Lanz Bulldog HL
Lanz Bulldog HL
The first German caterpillar track tractor, the “Panther”, is sold: made on the assembly line in the Moorburg Tractor Works (MTW)
1922 Harry Ferguson (Ireland/Canada/USA) develops the three–point linkage for optimum power transmission from the tractor to the plough
1923 Introduction of the first tractor with a diesel motor: the Benz–Sendling S7 tractor
– the first tractor with four–wheel drive: the “Lanz Bulldog HP”
1924 Invention of the “Farmall” root crop tractor in the USA with its close–positioned front wheels (three–wheeled tractor)
Start of the full production run of the economically priced WD tractor (28 to 32 hp) at Hanomag
Farmall F30
Farmall F30
1932 The Allis–Chambers corporation (USA) manufactures the first production model tractor with air–filled tyres
1933 23,953 farms in Germany are using tractors to cultivate their fields
1935 Harry Ferguson (England/Canada/USA) develops the hydraulic lifting system which allows the tractor attachments to be lifted and lowered easily
1939 1.5 million tractors are in use in the USA
– The Minneapolis–Moline UDLX tractor is fitted with an all–steel cab, instrument panel, glazed windows, windscreen wipers, passenger seat, heating and radio
– At Porsche the “Junior” is designed and built as the “people’s tractor” with a single cylinder diesel motor
Porsche Junior
Porsche Junior
The Swiss company Hürlimann produces the first tractors with 4–cylinder diesel direct injection
1940 The tractive unit which transmits electrical power from the tractor to the implements is standardised and installed on production lines around the world
1947 310,000 tractors are registered in Germany
1950 27 firms in Germany produce 52,000 tractors with many new technical features: air cooling for diesel motors, direct injection, front loaders and implement carriers
Allis–Chalmers builds the innovative WD–45 tractor with powershift transmission, a second transmission system for a constant power supply, hydraulic system, automatic tractive resistance control
Allis Chalmers
Allis Chalmers WD 45
1955 Development of the Ampli–Torc transmission system with 2 switching ranges (10 gears) without clutch operation (manufactured by Minneapolis–Moline, USA)
Maurice and Douglas Steiger develop their first supertractor: four–wheel drive, equal–sized wheels, two–part chassis and huge turbo diesel engine – the archetype of all future developments
Steiger Panther
1961 The Allis–Chalmers D19 – the world’s first turbo diesel tractor
1966 John Deere builds rollover protection into mass–produced tractors
1967 International Harvester introduces a hydrostatic drive for tractors
1972 The first soundproofed cab (Sound–Gard) is introduced by John Deere
1973 Daimler–Benz develops the successful MB–Trac system tractor with a centrally positioned cab (able to transport 2 loads or perform 2 passes on the field)
Valmet (Finland) introduces the first tractor with 6 tyres (Valmet 1502) onto the market, for better distribution of soil pressure
1985 Manufacturers Massey–Ferguson introduce an electronic management system to control add–on implements
The “Challenger”, made by Caterpillar, is the first caterpillar track vehicle with reinforced rubber tracks for better ground adhesion when used in the field
Caterpillar Challenger
Caterpillar Challenger
1987 Renault introduces the TZ Hydrostable cab on its tractors – with powerful vibration insulation for a significant improvement to driving comfort
1996 Manufacturers SAME (Italy) introduce an innovative automatic load–changeable transmission for tractors